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Wilson Furniture

Wilson Furniture is the offspring of a business that began over 40 years ago. The original founder, Dallas Wilson, opened The Daleville Furniture & Auction Company in 1967. Wilson used an older 3-story building in the downtown part of Daleville, Indiana, selling used furniture, appliances and having an auction on Saturday nights. He and his wife Marilyn had three sons, who worked and grew up in the business. Two of the sons went right into the business full-time after graduating high school, while the other went on to four years of college (only to join the family business later).  In the mid-80s the business was transformed, selling new, higher-quality home furnishings and giving the building a complete makeover.

In 2000, a major business decision was made to relocate the business to a more attractive and accessible location, and also to change the name to better reflect its family heritage. Thus, Wilson Furniture was born. The original founder has now passed away, but the three sons still run the day-to-day operations along with a third generation Wilson beginning to take hold.

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